I am a frisky native Texas cowgirl.  After getting a BFA at University of Houston, I spent time in the foreign country of Michigan getting an MFA at Cranbrook Academy of Art.  Houston lured me back to teach at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s Glassell School and I have been there ever since...

      The major passion of my work has always been the idea/gut driven art pieces—some wearable, some not.  I use lots of materials, almost always metal and almost always color and texture.  Not much neutral in my world.  These are the pieces that are shown in galleries and museums.

      My professional life has been full of other passions that enhance my work and my teaching.  I did wholesale/retail shows and markets for five years.  I co-owned a catering company (yes, food can look like jewelry).  I’ve tiled the front of a house, a kitchen, and parts of various other rooms.  I make things out of clay and fiber.  I continue to do limited series work and have always created precious material commission work.